Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This or That Tag

I was recently tagged in a 'This or That' post by misslaceyloves and thought why not join in as it a fun way for you to get to know me a little bit more.  I was given 13 'This or That' questions about makeup and I also threw in a couple more in the mix.


1.   Blusher or Bronzer
I have to admit that I have a thing for blushers, I am usually drawn to bright pinks but I recently discovered Flushed by Sleek Makeup which is more of a plumb colour.  I use my blush brush to sweep this powder formulation over my cheeks, which give me a warm look and I think it suits m skin tone perfectly. 

2.   Lipgloss or Lipstick
Mmmm this is a tricky one as I prefer coloured lip balms because I have got dry lips I find the more hydrating, so I am not sure what category they fall into?? My coloured lipbalm/stain of choice is Revlon Just Bitten in Lovesick review.  I love it as it is a lush colour, hydrates my lips and stains my lips all day long.

3.   Chapstick or Lipbutter
I do always have something hanging around but I am going to have to choose lipbutter(ish).  I cant tell you enough how much I like Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm (actually I can review).  I apply this matte lip treatment at night and wake up with lovely feeling lips.

4.   Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow
At the moment I use a little bit of both, I put Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze all over the lid and No7 Stay Perfect Matte Mocha is blended into the crease of my eye.

5.   Eyeliner or Mascara
This one is easy... Once upon a time my bf told me that I have got little eyelashes like a pig (romantic, eh), anyway this has stayed with me so I pile on the mascara.  At the moment I am using Bad Gal Lash by Benefit in Black and am tempted to try their They're Real! Beyond Mascara in Black.

6.   Gel, Liquid, Cream Pencil Eyeliner
I have them all but I always use pencil in black and I just use one from Collections that seem to do the trick, it precise and smudges well. I apply this to my top lid the smudge/blend for a more natural line. 

7.   Foundation or Concealer
Foundation gives me a good, all over, even coverage.  I have a few foundations but the one I like using at the moment is Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat in B90 review.  Excellent coverage leaving me with a even skin tone. 

8.   Liquid or Powder Foundation 
See Above.

9.   Neutral or Statement Eyes 
Neutral eye during the day and smokey statement eyes for the evening.

10.   Pressed or Loose powder
I use pressed for that finished look as I always drop some powder on my light carpets. 

11.   Waterproof or Non-Waterproof
Waterproof all the way as there is no movement and I have a fantastic makeup remover. 

12.   Brushes, Sponges or Fingers
I have a (OCD) thing about makeup being on my hands so I use brushes as I think sponges are a little unhygienic.

13.  Powder, Cream or Liquid Highlighter
I don't really use highlighter, I do own the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat in Dark but it doesn't really do anything for me as I think I got a shade that was too dark for me and I after that Kim Kardashian look. 

14.   Eyebrow Pencil or Powder
When I am in the mood I try to go for the 'Scouse Brow' and I try to achieve this by using Mac Eye Brow in Stud.  I flick it through the brow and then brush my brows for a natural look.  Its great cause there is no need for a sharpener as you just twist the end. 

15.  Fake Eye Lashes or Eyelash Curlers
I do use eyelash curlers more often but as I have 'little piggy' eyelashes I am going to go with fake, fake, fake... There is a girl at work with amazing eyes lashes and after grilling her about them she recommended a really cheap pair for just £1.99 from Just Eessentials and they are 100% human hair.  They look amazing on I got them in short, I will review soon.


  1. I love this tag! :)


  2. I'm glad you liked the tag hun :)