Saturday, 22 September 2012

No.7 Foundation Match Made Service... Ta Dah... Oh?!

New Number 7 Foundation Match Made Service

Long time, no blog...
Sorry I have been abit MIA but, I have been really busy at work, then I was ill and then everyone else in my house hold was ill, so I had to play nurse.

Anyway I am back and I want to share with you my thoughts on some of my new purchases. 

Here in the UK there has been a little buzz with the new No.7 Foundation Match Made Service.  I was desperate to see how this worked and would pop into Boots in my lunch break to get my foundation match but, would always be met by a long ques of women waiting to take their turn in the chair.  Finally on my day off I got my chance to sit down with one of there lovely assistants who placed their machine on my jaw line on each side of my cheek to discover my perfect foundation and colour matched me with Walnut.  We discussed what my skin type was like and what I was really looking for in a foundation and she suggested the Stay Perfect Liquid.  When applied it gave me medium coverage and a semi matte finish, its long lasting (up to 16 hours) and left my skin feeling nice when touched... Sold! 

When I got home it was a different story, when applied to my whole face my skin looked lifeless, dull and ashy.  I think the problem is that there are only two shades for darker skin tones and the machine and the assistant just worked with what they had and this just wasn't right for me.  Which is a shame because my experience good, I really liked the glass frosted packaging and was really happy with the aftercare service when I told them of my complaint. 

Technology is great but you cant beat the old fashioned way of going int a store, blending there foundation into your jaw line, stepping outside into natural daylight with a mirror and seeing if you have got a good colour match... For me anyway I am part of that 8% who was not satisfied.

Have you tried the new No.7 Foundation colour Match Made Service?  What did You think?

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