Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wish List #1

Hi Guy's,

I have to share the fact that I have fallen in love with... a bag!!  This is not just any bag, this is the Plaited Shopper from Zara.  This bag first caught my eye a couple of weeks ago but the person was walking past me so I didn't get the full affect of this bag, but while at work a customer walked past me with this bag and thats when it happened.  I had to go up to her (followed her around the shop... ok stalked her) and ask "Where did you get your bag from ?"  She actually told me she had to do the same to someone else in order to find out.  Imagine the things I can put in this bag (daydream).  Anyway when I got home I finally found the shopper online thinking if it's £40.00 I will buy it there and then but, it's £79.99 and I know that I cant justify this purchase when I know there are other things we need.  So I have decided to raise some funds by selling things around the house that I no longer have any use for, like my moses basket (sad face).  I am going to create an account when I do I will link it so you guys can have a look.  I really want this bag!!

In the mean time if you know of a cheaper alternative let me know!! 

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